To know, is to know that you know nothing. That is the meaning of true knowledge.
— Socrates

I am a firm believer in knowledge sharing. Your knowledge increases as you start sharing with others the subject that you are most passionate about.

Several months ago, I felt a need to start Qlik Developer’s group in Atlanta and shared that with my friend Dalton Ruer who at the time worked at North East Georgia Hospital. Chris Surguine also shown a great deal of interest to start a group of Qlik enthusiasts and developers of all levels in Atlanta area who can meet and share knowledge with others.

Our mission:

  1. Share QlikView and Qlik Sense knowledge with others

  2. Network with like-minded Qlik enthusiasts and provide suggestions for improvements

  3. Attendees are developers and those with a technical involvement in Qlik projects

  4. No affiliation with Qlik or its partners

  5. No sales pitches allowed as the core focus is knowledge sharing

  6. Encourage everyone in the group to present knowledge/ideas regularly

Group membership is free for anyone interested!!

Our first group meeting will be held on October 17th at 10 am for few hours.

So, if you live and/or work in Atlanta and want to be part of the Qlik Developer’s group, please fill the form and/or join Qlik DevATL meet up group:

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